Understanding Neurodiversity for People Managers

Interactive Workshop

It is estimated that 15% of the UK population are neurodivergent, many of those without formal diagnosis or long term understanding of their condition. Increasingly we’re seeing the challenges this presents in the workplace, challenges that for many years have been hidden.

This isn’t just about complying with the Equality Act 2010 where the risks of getting it wrong are great, compensation levels at tribunal are uncapped. There can be significant management time spent resolving issues of poor performance and high levels of absence.

Whilst most people with a neurodivergent condition would fall under the definition of having a disability under the Equality Act, there are also significant strengths which when supported properly at work will benefit the business.

Understanding Neurodiversity is an interactive workshop for those in management positions. It is a half day interactive workshop which will raise understanding of the various neurodivergent conditions and how to support people in the workplace. We explore the business benefits of neurodiverstiy and the risk to the business of getting it wrong.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand what neurodiversity really means
  • Introduction to conditions such as ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Tourette Syndrome and more
  • The business benefits of neurodiversity
  • The risks of getting it wrong
  • How to avoid discrimination in recruitment
  • How to avoid discriminating in employment
  • How to make reasonable adjustments

Course Introduction

In this video Jenefer introduces the course and explains a little bit about how she approaches training delivery. Towards the end of the video we include a number of course reviews from those who have attended training sessions with Jenefer.

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Thought provoking and interesting. It was a good opportunity to discuss issues openly with colleagues and share views which can be taken into consideration in planning development of the business. Very useful session. Well presented with plenty of opportunity for discussion and participation by all.

Gillian Gadsby, Managing Partner, Legal Services
End quote.

Equip your managers with the skills to create an inclusive environment and support neurodivergent employees.

On-site Training


  • Half Day - in-house, at your workplace
  • Maximum of 14 delegates
  • Interactive workshop
  • Plenty of opportunity to discuss your real life experiences and cases with our expert trainer

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Employees’ Course

We also offer a Neurodiversity Awareness Workshop, which offers a two hour awareness-raising session for employees.

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Photograph of Jenefer Livings

All our courses, whether live or recorded, are delivered by Jenefer Livings who has 20 years experience in HR, having designed and delivered training on the whole range of HR topics for organisations across industry sectors. As Jenefer also provides hands-on consultancy work with her clients she maintains an up to date knowledge and experience that shines through in her training.

With our in-person course we'll work through case studies and discuss real life examples to ensure your managers get learning relating to the types of cases they'll be dealing with.

Why Silk Helix?

All our training is prepared and delivered by me, Jenefer, because you’re not getting someone who just reads you the slides. You’re getting stories, passion, my energy and engaging discussion. I don’t deliver long lectures and use a range of activities to encourage everyone to engage with small and whole group discussions, this is how I ensure your business reality is reflected in everything we do.

My promise to you! There will be no role plays, no embarrassing icebreakers where you have to reveal information about yourself and no one is picked on to speak. In my experience these are the things people dread about training and I see the collective sigh of relief when I start the day with this promise.

I recognise that to get discussion going you need an inviting environment. The room set up, which includes a supply of fidgets and sweets creates instant discussion as people enter the room. This sets people at ease and creates an ice breaker of its own.

You get a little hint of my style on our YouTube channel. In-person training is like that just with lots of interaction interspersed. And if you’re looking at my digital courses, they’re just like my YouTube channel but with a lot more specific detail and backed up by examples, templates and guides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you Support Neurodivergent learners?

If anyone attending our training sessions has a specific need we should be accommodating we ask that you tell us in advance so that we can plan the training accordingly. We will do our best to accommodate any need for whatever reason that need exists.

There are also some common ways we develop our training to take into account the wide variety of learning styles and needs. We know learning styles are not limited to visual, auditory, reading and writing, and kinesthetic. Learning is impacted by a whole variety of things, including underlying medical conditions (diagnosed and not), comfort/ safety in your environment and your past experiences of learning. Our training by design takes this into account, including:

  • a welcoming environment for learners to enter
  • stress balls or other fidget resources
  • workbooks with place for personal notes if the learner wishes
  • minimal need to read long pieces of text
  • noone is called out or picked on (even to go first)
  • no icebreakers that require you to reveal personal information (we do use activities but always related to the learning and with a specific goal)
  • no role plays (we find for too many people the issues around acting get in the way of learning)
  • regular breaks
  • no lengthy period of lectures by the trainer - it's about discussion of your real life cases or activities that make you think or develop skills

Whilst our webinar/lunch and learn sessions cannot provide all of the physical support we’ll still do everything we can to accommodate. We encourage individuals to access their own supports, join the session from somewhere they are comfortable, use their own fidget tools or take notes and camera on or off is a personal preference.

We have more than 14 people that need training, can you accommodate?

Yes, we've worked with many clients where we've delivered multiple courses to allow everyone to attend. We don't recommend more people in the session for many of the reasons listed above, our courses are designed to be interactive and a safe place to discuss real life situations. Once the groups get much bigger than 14 it starts to become difficult for everyone to participate in these discussions.

Are webinar sessions limited to 14 people?

With webinar sessions the different nature means we can accommodate much more than 14 people. We still suggest 30 to allow people space to ask questions and join in the chat, however, it is more flexible for these sessions. In managers sessions we do suggest a smaller group to help with discussion.

Can we mix and match topics?

Yes, we're happy to adapt and design sessions to suit your needs. Book a FREE, no obligation, consultation to discuss your needs and get a quote for bespoke training.

Do we have to provide a venue?

Yes, our in-person training is provided at your venue. Some clients use meeting rooms in their buildings, others book venues. There are a couple of things to consider - we need space in the room to move around. We won't get you running about but being able to move into smaller groups for discussion, sometimes brainstorming around a large piece of paper are examples of the activities that need space.

In addition, our trainer will need parking as training comes with a lot of kit, plus somewhere to plug a laptop in and either a screen or projector. We don't use loads of slides (Jenefer isn't a fan or either producing them or remembering to switch slides) but there are a few occasions where a diagramme or video for example help make the point.

How long is a full day training session?

Our full day sessions are 6 hours, including 30 minutes for lunch and 2 coffee breaks. Our half day sessions are 3 hours with a coffee break. Exact times may vary slightly, training courses are interactive with plenty of opportunities for discussion built into the day, this can impact the end timing slightly.

How long is a webinar session?

Most of our webinar sessions are designed to be an hour in length, except the managers sessions which are 2 hours. However, we will stay on line to answer questions beyond this point if needed.

How do we book training?

If you're ready to go ahead then either book a consultation or email training@silkhelix.co.uk with your requirements and we'll get dates booked in.