Equality and Diversity Workshop

Duration Two Hours per session
Location Delivered at your workplace.
Maximum Delegates 20 per session
Price (excluding VAT) Single session for £375.
Alternatively, up to three sessions can be delivered in a day for £975 (i.e. 60 delegates overall).

When it comes to equality the risks of getting it wrong are great, compensation levels at tribunal are uncapped. There are risks to reputation and moral if employees perceive they are not being treated fairly. This isn’t just a matter for employees as equality legislation also covers your customers. Getting it wrong can result in significant reputational damage for your brand.

Providing training for all employees will raise awareness of how their behaviour may be considered discriminatory both to colleagues and customers. Reducing your risk and gaining the business benefits of a diverse workforce.

Equality and Diversity is a short, two hour workshop which can be delivered to groups of up to 20 employees. The workshop is an interactive session which will raise awareness of diversity issues, including participants own views on diversity. We also look at the business benefits of diversity and the risk to the business of getting it wrong.

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Remote Training

All of our training courses can be delivered entirely remotely if your employees are working from home.

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Due to the reduced costs of delivering training remotely, we're able to reduce the price of all our interactive, live training by 15% off the marked prices when it's conducted using video conferencing technology.

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