Training: Disciplinary and Grievance in Practice

A practical guide to running disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Have you felt that frustration of someone not doing what you ask, ignoring rules, turning up late? Constantly repeating yourself and nothing changes?

The disciplinary process may sound formal, scary and hard work but it is your route to sanctions, consequences that will change behaviour. Should you need to dismiss someone - sometimes dismissal is in the best interests of everyone - this is your route to a fair dismissal, protecting you from an employment tribunal claim.

Knowing what you can do and how to do it gives you the power to ensure people are doing what you need them to be doing. When you have this knowledge and the right procedures in place, people will be more likely to meet your expectations. You won’t be doing disciplinary and grievance meetings on repeat. They don’t want to go through this as much as you don’t, when people know the line and what will happen when they cross it, more often than not they’ll choose to walk the line.

What you’ll learn:

  • What the ACAS code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures is and why it’s so important to a fair process
  • When the disciplinary and grievance procedures should be used
  • The requirements of an investigation
  • How to conduct a disciplinary and grievance hearing
  • Your role as a chairperson in those meetings
  • How to decide upon a disciplinary and grievance outcome

Equip your managers with the skills to manage disciplinary and grievance procedures.

On-site Training


  • Half Day - in-house, at your workplace
  • Maximum of 14 delegates
  • Interactive workshop
  • Plenty of opportunity to discuss your real life experiences and cases with our expert trainer

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Digital Course


  • Purchase now for immediate viewing at your own pace
  • Delivered via your web browser using our on-demand video training platform
  • 60 minutes in 6 modules

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All our courses, whether live or recorded, are delivered by Jenefer Livings who has 20 years experience in HR, having designed and delivered training on the whole range of HR topics for organisations across industry sectors. As Jenefer also provides hands-on consultancy work with her clients she maintains an up to date knowledge and experience that shines through in her training.

With our in-person course we'll work through case studies and discuss real life examples to ensure your managers get learning relating to the types of cases they'll be dealing with.

Digital Course

We also have a digital course on this topic, which is available for immediate viewing at your own pace. While not interactive, our full digital courses cover the essential information you should need to know about this topic. We understand that needs and budgets vary from business to business and person to person, so we've got you covered if you need this information now or you haven't got the budget for on-site, interactive training.

Our Disciplinary and Grievance in Practice digital training course is available to purchase now, delivered via your web browser using our on-demand video training platform, at for just £29 (exclusive of VAT). It is divided into 6 modules with a total duration of 60 minutes.

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