Bespoke Training

We can build training to suit your exact requirements, any of our training catalogue courses can be adapted to suit your needs.

Many clients are looking for a programme that will develop the skills of their Management Teams in line with their organisation culture. The exact skills and knowledge covered will depend on the current skills of the team and the requirements of your business.

Programmes range between one and four days. When delivered over a number of days this is usually with two or three weeks between each session to allow managers to practice skills learnt before building on them in the next session. We can also incorporate individual coaching sessions with a management development programme.

If you’re considering training for your teams have a chat with us about the current problem you’re facing and how training can help. Give Jenefer a call on 01245 910 500 or send us a message to

Interactive and Engaging Training for Managers

Courses tailored to meet the needs of your business. Request a call back for a no-obligation consultation.