Absence Management

Your Problem

You may be facing:

  • An employee constantly off sick
  • Your new employee is off sick in their probation period
  • Employee taking time for dependants
  • Long term sickness absence
  • Employees texting in sick
  • Confused by statutory rights to time off

Absence (with a few exceptions) is generally unplanned, it’s disruptive, it changes how the day will run and what can be achieved. It may delay tasks or require others to provide cover. All of these things have cost impacts, whether direct or indirect.

Proper management of employee absence is crucial to your business. Reducing incidents of short term absence will save you money and increase productivity.

From April 2020 you will be required to detail paid leave (including maternity and paternity) in your statements of particulars (employment contracts). Having contracts and policies with clear procedures for reporting absence are an essential foundation to reducing absence in your company.

Our Solution

Our advice service will work with you to put in place simple processes to reduce sickness and other types of absence. We will ensure you understand all the statutory rights to time off, how to manage and record each absence type.

Managing Absence is an interactive training workshop we offer for line Managers which equips them with the skills to manage absence day to day.

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