Managing Remote and Home Workers

reform : remote
Respond to a Changing World
Stengthen Capabilities
Development Management Styles
Engage with Employees
Increase Productivity
Reform your Business
Prepare to Exit Lockdown
Employment Law
Health & Safety Awareness

What's Included

  • Welcome Call to get to know your business
  • Interactive, Live Workshops for Managers
  • Staff Surveys
  • Employee Guidance Pack, bespoke to your business
  • 3 months of Advice Line access
Video Conference Camera Telephone Messaging
£1,100 + VAT

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We specialise in building high performance teams, whilst keeping your business compliant.

Jenefer Livings MA, Chartered MCIPD

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Nearly 20 years experience in Human Resources, consulting with SMEs. An experienced Employment Law expert, passionate about supporting businesses with their People. Having worked remotely herself for over 10 years, she's well positioned to help your business succeed now that remote working has become a requirement.

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