Business Partnerships

At Silk Helix we understand the value of great businesses working together to provide our customers with a great service. When our customers are looking for a service we can’t offer we want to be able to help them in the right direction.

Our Partners

These companies do not have any ownership links with Silk Helix. They are simply businesses who we know, trust and want to share with you.

Red Recruit

Red Recruit specialise in recruitment for the Shipping, Removals, Relocations & Global Mobility industries on an international scale.

Red Recruit Local have a focus on recruitment for the local community in Essex, getting to know you, calling themselves a consultancy rather than a agency.

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Chorus Advisers

Chorus Business Advisers Ltd comprises a team of Data Protection professionals who have worked with a wide range of organisations in the UK and overseas.

They are committed to working closely with their clients and ensuring that their ongoing journey to GDPR compliance is as stress free as possible.

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Independent Business Consultants Network (IBCN) is a group of like-minded consultants helping small to medium enterprises implement ISO certifications and strategies within their business.

They provide experienced practitioners, facilitators, trouble-shooters, designers and implementers to assist in the introduction of practical Business Management Systems which are certified.

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DPO for Education

DPO for Education are purely focussed on the education sector, its requirements, its concerns and issues for both staff, parents and most importantly pupils and students.

They offer all that you would expect from an outsourced Data Protection Officer, but unlike others they ensure a friendly easily accessible approach, perform termly visits, provide clear and concise reporting to the board of governors and the SLT, work with you to review data breaches and implement corrective actions, provide online, face to face training for staff and provide webinars for parents and carers.

For a free no obligation discussion on your requirements contact them at or call 01702 660 234.

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I&I Consultancy

I&I Consultancy want to get you back to what you do best. They do that by providing a customised outsourced Business Management/COO and support service with a strong focus on establishing strategic objectives, finance strategy and management, operational risk and compliance oversight.

Services include Business Continuity Planning, Process Improvements, Strategy Planning, Interim COO, Project Management and much more.

Contact for a free no obligation discussion.

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Gross Pay

Gross Pay work to deliver their payroll outsourcing service in a quick and accurate manor, ensuring that your staff are paid on time every time whether they are on weekly or monthly pay. They can work to have your payroll complete in 2 working days, always ensuring a quality service.

The administration of your payroll can be extremely time consuming and can feel over whelming at times. Gross Pay recognise that this can take your focus away from running your business, so they offer a complete and confidential payroll service which covers: customised payslips for all of your employee’s, the administration of PAYE, national insurance, statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay. They can also process your pension schemes.

Contact them at or call 01206 791 235.

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Partner with Us

If you would like your business to partner with Silk Helix, call Jenefer on 01245 910 500 or drop her an email at