Managing Change


Redundancy is a challenging time for any business, whether there is a downturn in work, a need to reduce costs or restructure to meet future business needs. Getting it right is important, not only to ensure fair dismissals but also for the potential impact on your brand and on those who will be staying with your business.

Our support can range from telephone advice and guidance throughout the process to a full management of the process by us. You’ll still be making the decisions of who to make redundant, but we can manage the process, conduct the meetings and prepare letters.

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Creating a Performance Culture

Do you have employees who are missing performance targets? Or those doing an okay job but you think they could be doing better? Not getting the best out of your people harms you business, whether it’s lower sales than you would like or reputational damage from poor quality work or a lack of productivity.

After a detailed conversation with you, getting to know your business and the problems you are facing, we can provide support bespoke to you aimed at getting the best out of your people.

Our support may include training, coaching or mentoring, telephone advice and guidance, sitting in on employee meetings. Service can be purchased as a one-off such as training day or advice for a specific issue. Alternatively we can work with you to create a tailored plan of support working to your budget.

Growing Business

Growing a business is an exciting time. It’s also a busy time and a time when people issues commonly arise. As you bring new people in, culture and team dynamics are changing. You may find your new team members have a different expectation of work, or original team members who were used to working in a small team environment struggle to deal with the change. We find performance and absence issues commonly arise in growing businesses.

As people numbers grow, HR procedures begin to need formalising. This doesn’t mean overly complex structures and excessive policies but a few basic rules and procedures will keep your business running smoothly.

We can support your growing business, our support ranges from drawing up employment contracts to full interim HR Management. Services which you may benefit from include:

  • HR Documentation
  • Training for managers - ensuring effective management and avoiding the risks of getting it wrong
  • Designing and embedding HR processes - such as performance or absence management
  • Support with specific employee issues
  • Interim HR Management

Remote Working

The benefits of remote working are well known, recruitment and retention of people, increased productivity and reduced sickness. Many organisations have seen it work during the pandemic - not to mention that this was forced working from home, the circumtances weren’t the best.

As more organisations offer remote working as a standard, remote working will become one of the key factors for both recruitment and retention. Keep people who won’t go to the competitor who isn’t offering remote working by supporting remote working in your business.

Are you wanting to support remote working but don’t know how to best manage teams working remotely? Are you worried about communication within the business?

We can support you to put the infrastructure in place to introduce and benefit from remote working.


Whether you are buying or selling a business, taking on or losing a contract we can support you with the full TUPE process.

Our support can range from telephone advice and guidance throughout the process to a full management of the process by us. We can manage the process, prepare letters and conduct consultation meetings with you.

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