Contracts and Handbooks

We create legally compliant employment contracts that get the best from your people and protect your business.

Employment contracts, along with your Handbook and/or policies underpin the employment relationship. Well written documents will prevent disputes and employment tribunals as well as making it easier to dismiss when things aren’t working. Not only that, it will improve performance and customer experience, both of which will help you grow your business.

Our HR Experts have years of experience, we’ve seen what can go wrong and how to write documentation to keep your business safe.

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Employment Contracts

All employers are legally obliged to issue a statement of terms and conditions to all workers by the end of day one of employment.

More importantly in many ways, they underpin your relationship with employees. Having a contract that is bespoke to your business is essential. Many employee issues would be avoided or easily resolved with the contractual agreement in writing. What the contract looks like and how complex it is will depend on the nature of your business.

Employee Handbook

Your Employee Handbook tells your people what you expect of them and in return what they can expect from you.

It’s a central reference point and should define your culture, ethos and brand. If it is important to the customer experience it’s important to the employee experience.

Having rules doesn’t need to make you a draconian employer, but a few essentials will make dealing with issues that arise much simpler. When you focus on the positive, what “good” performance looks like in your business you will drive good performance and spend less time dealing with problems.

Bespoke HR Documents

We believe that an Employee Handbook or culture book (call it whatever suits your business) provides a single and well known point of reference for employees to find everything they need to know about their employment.

Holding all your policies and guides in one place prevents an employee being able to argue they did not know a particular rule existed. It’s not about making people read it from cover to cover, but simply to know what is there. There are key points your team needs to know and we recommend highlighting these to individuals when they start and recapping regularly. Policies like the disciplinary procedure, no employee needs to know this inside out, they just need to know it is there and where they can refer to if they need it.

Long gone are the days when a ring binder somewhere was the only option. How you store and share the Employee Handbook with your team will impact what you call it and how it’s presented. We’ll work with you to create documents that fit your culture and the way you work. Our graphic designers can create a beautiful ebook, ready to send to the printers if you want to. Alternatively posters highlighting key parts or a wiki like Confluence or Notion might be more your thing.

HR Document Audit

If you would prefer to keep the documentation you’ve already got we can review and update your existing contracts, handbook and/or policies for you.

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Contracts and Handbook Package Prices


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A review of your existing documentation by one of our qualified HR consultants. We'll identify where you may have compliance gaps.



Download our legally compliant HR documentation:

  • Basic Employee Handbook, covering the essentials like sick reporting and statutory minimum time off
  • Legally compliant Statement of Particulars (basic employment contractual terms) template



Bespoke documentation to suit the needs of your business. Includes:

  • Initial telephone call to get to know your business
  • Bespoke Employee Handbook, covering all the HR policies you need to protect your business
  • Employment Contract (Statement of Particulars) templates bespoke to your business
  • Guidance and template letters for issuing new contracts to employees
  • Documents provided in electronic format (e.g. Word/Google docs) for you to print yourself

Optional Extra (£250): Our graphic designers can brand your documentation, including creating an ebook/pdf of your Employee Handbook. This can be used in electronic form or sent to a printers if you want a physical book to issue to employees. We can also quote for printing.



Our Gold package goes beyond legal compliance and protecting your business. With this package we really get to know what you need from your employees. We’ll document not only your policies and procedures but also your culture, brand and expectations of your team. Includes:

  • Initial call to get to know your business and your requirements for documents
  • Bespoke Employee Handbook/ Culture Book/ Operations Bible - call it what you want we’ll make sure it’s exactly what you need!
  • Employment Contract (Statement of Particulars) templates designed to protect your business
  • Hand holding as you issue new contracts to your employees
  • A video call with your management team or all your employees (whichever is right for your business) to introduce them to the new documentation, explain why and answer any questions they may have
  • A bespoke recorded video, with your branding, for you to use when onboarding new employees
  • Documents that create a solid foundation for you to drive performance and business growth
  • Perfectly presented documents suited to your business. Whether you want a branded ebook, posters with key information or upload to your wiki our graphic designers are on hand to make sure your documents look the part

All prices are exclusive of VAT.