About Us

We are Silk Helix Ltd.

Based in Essex, we provide HR support to small business. Often our clients have no internal HR expertise or small HR teams that need a little extra help.

Getting legal compliance right is a challenge for any small business, you are often working with limited resources and need to focus on growing your business. On top of that, you rely on your people to deliver your excellent products and services. We marry the legal compliance with creating company cultures that value and support great performance.

We will work with you as your HR partner. We get to know your business supporting you to be compliant as well as adding value.

We know your people are human, with emotions, sickness and lives outside of work, all whilst you’re trying to run a business. Sometimes those things don’t quite work together the way we hope they would, we’re here to help you deal with these often complex issues.

Alongside our HR Support we deliver a range of HR and Management Training. Effective managers can significantly improve the profitability of your business. Our courses will equip your managers with the skills they need.

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