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HR for Small Business

We take the stress out of managing your people. Whether it's the admin, employment law compliance or improving productivity, we're here for you.

Keeping you compliant with employment law doesn’t mean stopping you running your business. We’ll work with your culture and maximise your flexibility all whilst protecting you from employment tribunals.

We’ll be there when you’re faced with someone not performing or off-sick. We’ll be there whenever you need support.

Experts in HR for Small Business

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Growing your Business

Imagine if you had a team who were all as passionate as you, all laser focused on the goals of the business and every day you were celebrating the steps forward.

With the right foundations, advice when you need it and support to build effective teams, you will have a strong team and growing business.

We believe compliance is only a small part of what we do. Helping you to grow your business is what we’re really about.

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penguins, showing how Silk Helix help to protect your business

Protecting your Business

Employment law is ever changing, keeping up to date can feel overwhelming and result in saying nothing.

With employment contracts and documentation written specific to your business we will ensure you can do what you need to.

When you have a dedicated advisor on your side you can easily resolve issues as they occur, knowing exactly what you can and should say.

With the right foundations you’ll reduce the HR issues you face as well as reducing your risk of an employment tribunal.

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Jenefer is highly efficient and able to assist, especially in this current unprecedented business landscape. I would highly recommend Jenefer and Silk Helix.
Caroline Seear, CEO of Red Recruit
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